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Napoleon of crime

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: . you are impeccable & extraordinary. I stand with you. I believe in gender equality.

Benedict Cumberbatch is seen on the streets of Toronto during the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival on September 9, 2014.

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I never knew daylight could be so violent

John “Are you jealous?" Watson strikes again.

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I’ll never get tired of your face | 14-19 of 105 

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The Hollow Crown series II: 22/09/14, first day of filming.

Photos by Halflink.

Sorry for the quality. The pictures were taken paprazzi-style: from behind a not-so-nearby tree. The things I do for you, Sherlock fandom :) Enjoy!

For the full story go to the sherlock-series in LJ -

Первый день съёмок “Ричарда III”

The game is never over.

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1. Forcibly separated into two or more pieces

2. Sundered by divorce, separation, or desertion of a parent or parents

3. Incomplete

4. Crushed by grief: died of a broken heart

5. Not functioning

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Looking for badasses? Here’s one. Mrs Holmes was a genius in her field, field that is usually considered to be very uncommon for women to be into. She freely gave up possibly a very promising career for her family while her husband never dared to question her choice because he is “a bit of a moron himself” but considers this free choice of raising her children instead of concentrating on her career something that makes her incredibly attractive. The man is in love with her brain as well as her heart. One of her sons is in charge of “the security of the free world”. She only raises and eyebrow when he talks back at her and makes both of her grown up sons turn into 5-year-olds when she catches them doing something forbidden.

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Tom Hiddleston onstage presenting the Best New Play Award at The Laurence Olivier Awards 2013 at The Royal Opera House on April 28, 2013 in London, England

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Oh TECH supportI thought you said TREK support.

*sadly zips jacket up over starfleet uniform*

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 Sherlock quotes: [30/?]

Oh, the wall had it coming.